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LumaPix FotoFusion v4.5 Portable

LumaPix FotoFusion v4.5 Portable
LumaPix FotoFusion v4.5 Portable instantly converts the selected image in a unique collage, and then provides an elegant tool for cutting, reorganization, save color balance. Do not be surprised, why professional photographers use it FotoFusion, to build the images in the composition of a single unit of any size (art-collage) , from a simple photo album to the wall of portraits, instead of sluggish huge graphic editors. Unique-a stunning user interface of the program allows you to do it much faster and makes the tedious tasks with images in real pleasure.

Users allowed to choose the templates or use automated tools to select a unique compositions, consisting of set of images that will improve the quality of the results obtained. All the work can be sent by e-mail to customers watermarking, uploaded to a remote server or placed in an online gallery, and by using the custom HTML styles, embedded in the existing shell web sites or printed out with a high resolution.

Produce a unique arrangement for a selection of pictures with a single click. Click again and see a completely new arrangement. The results can be tuned with interactive control over cropping, sizing, rotation, etc if desired.
Many users find that a simple autocollage is all they need to elegantly present their images. Others view autocollages as starting points for further creativity.
FotoFusion supports templates – those which you create on your own, and those which you select from the online library by browsing within the FotoFusion interface.
Templates can be multipage, enabling you to create an entire album in a single template. The empty frames within templates can be filled with a click of the ‘AutoPopulate’ button.
Your templates can include text frames, which specify not only which font and color were used but also which EXIF tags are used to label frames; dropping an image into a template with text on it can set the label on that image to, say, that student’s name or the date and time on which the picture was taken.
FotoFusion’s patent-pending AutoCollage tool has been made even stronger in v4, with several enhancements:
Images can be sorted by name, file modification date, or EXIF date in addition to being randomized. A single click can lay out your entire vacation album!
The aspect ratio of source images can be preserved. A ‘traditional’ FotoFusion autocollage will completely fill the canvas, cropping images if necessary to make them fit. In v4, you can choose to have the images remain uncropped (even if it means leaving holes in your layout).
Make a project…click one button…and Bam! Your project shows up as a digital album on an iPad – or an iPhone – or an android device – or in a PC or Mac web browser.
Flip from page to page like a book, jump to any page, or share it by email, Facebook or Twitter – the album will be available for 30 days from when you published it. Share your family vacation with friends – send a proof to the bride – present your portfolio to customers. V5 users can publish as many online web albums as they like, at no charge. Enjoy!
FotoFusion now includes killer text layout features. We’ve completely rebuilt the text engine and it’s now a serious beast.
In-canvas “WYSIWYG” editing, per-character text attributes (font, color, rotation, skew, offset, pair kerning, effects including embossing) and per-paragraph effects (text in a shape, right-to-left (Hebrew/Arabic/Mandarin).
When you render to PSD you get layers. When you render to PDF you get multiple pages, and now in v5, you also get vector text output. This means that text looks great at any resolution – even very fine text is rendered with as much precision as you can imagine.
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