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Aloaha Sign 5.0.67

Aloaha Sign is an excellent tool for validating PDF, P7M, D2D, XMLDSIG or PKCS 7 signatures. Furthermore it is possible to digitally sign virtually any filetype with any native supported smartcard.

Document Formats:
· PDF Documents with Adobe.PPKMS / adbe.pkcs7.detached signatures
· PDF Documents with Adobe.PPKMS / adbe.x509.rsa_sha1 signatures
· Certificates in .cer Format (X.509)
· other formats on request
Here are some key features of "Aloaha Sign":

· Offline Revocation List Validation
· Online Revocation List Validation
· OCSP Validation
· Time Validity checks
· Chain tests
· Certificate Signature
· other tests on request
· Validation of digital Signatures
· PKCS #7
· D2D (Arztbrief / Doctor 2 Doctor Letter)
· Validation Protocoll
· OCSP Checks
· Certificate status information sign! component
· sign! is included as programming library/component to be integrated into other applications!

Fahad Khan CHD

Fahad Khan CHD

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