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StudioLine Photo Classic Plus

StudioLine Photo Classic Plus is an easy-to-use yet powerful management and editing application for digital photos. Images can be imported from camera, scanner and all popular file formats.

The image archive is the central database where you conveniently categorize your images and add keywords and descriptions. Standard IPTC and Exif tags are fully supported. 32 professional image tools are included with dual-monitor support to improve exposure problems, red-eye effects, color tones, etc.

Photos can be printed, emailed, uploaded as web galleries or turned into calendars and greeting cards. A layout editor allows free design of album pages and other collage projects, including attractive text effects. CD/DVD writing is included - complete with printed CD inserts.
Here are some key features of "StudioLine Photo Classic Plus":

· The Original Photo always remains intact
· Imports TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and PSD files
· Alpha Channel Support
· EXIF and IPTC/NAA Support
· Descriptors for adding Captions, Keywords and Descriptions
· Email directly from the Image Archive
· Web Galleries
· Filters for Image Optimization
· Filters for Special Effects
· Mass Editing
· Many Options for Printing
· Slide Show
· Export Images as TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and SLI

New Customizable User Interface:
· The newly designed user interface offers panes for you to neatly organize descriptors,hints and image/folder information. Size, move, dock or hide panes to perfectly adapt
· StudioLine to your work flow. Even image tools can be restricted to a pane so that theydon't obstruct your view of your images.
· XML Format for Exchanging Data with Other Applications
· StudioLine Photo 3 can export metadata in XML format. This standard format simplifies the exchange of image descriptors with other applications.

Backup Reminders:
· A new backup assistant can remind you in regular intervals to backup your images and offer to launch the appropriate backup task. You choose whether the reminder is based on days elapsed or the number of new images.

Expanded Database Search by Time Spans:
· The new search engine has intuitive controls to restrict the search to a certain time span. This makes it even easier to find images of a particular event.

Convenient Search and Replace:
· The new function to replace image descriptors is ideal for correction spelling mistakes or to standardize similar keywords, e.g., "vintage car" vs. "classic car".

Special Export and Email Filters:
· StudioLine Photo Classic 3 offers special filters for exporting and emailing. Images can be cropped, sharpened and overlaid with text to prepare them for a particular one-time use.

Web-Gallery Design Wizard:
· Make up your own web gallery designs with the help of the new wizard. You choose the thumbnail size, borders, backgrounds and the use of image descriptors. Detail view pages with navigation links are designed in the same fashion. You can save your creations for later reuse.

Loading and Managing Media Files:
· With StudioLine Photo Classic 3 you also load and manage the audio and video files recorded by your digital camera. A new icon in the image archive allows you to play any voice annotation that you associated with an image.

Transition Effects for Slide Shows:
· The updated slide show offers a wide range of transition effects. You can pick your favorite or have StudioLine randomize the effect for each image.
· Online Order for Prints and Gift Items
· Prints and gift items with your images can be ordered directly from StudioLine PhotoClassic
· Export Images as TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and SL

Fahad Khan CHD

Fahad Khan CHD

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