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GeeMail 1.0

Have you ever wished you could run a special application for gmail, and use the browser only for browsing? GeeMail is your wish fulfilled; and it does even more.

With GeeMail you can read, write and manage your emails easily. Just log into the main window and have your inbox at your fingertips! 
Here are some key features of "GeeMail":

No Configuration Required:
· GeeMail has everything in place which is required to access your gmail. You don’t need to configure POP and IMAP settings like traditional email clients.

Offline Support:
· Even if you are offline, compose your email, click “Send” and forget about it. GeeMail is network aware; the next time it detects Internet connection, your email is sent right away!

Gmail User Interface:
· You don’t have to get used to a new user interface for GeeMail, because GeeMail supports the good old UI of gmail itself. Things just work the way they do in gmail, right down to the keyboard shortcuts!

Cross Platform:
· GeeMail work on Windows, Mac and Linux. You don’t have to miss GeeMail on any OS platform when you need to switch temporarily or permanently. GeeMail is truly cross platform.

Fahad Khan CHD

Fahad Khan CHD

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