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ChartDirector 5.0.2

ChartDirector is a powerful chart component for creating professional looking charts for web and windows applications.

ChartDirector is available for many programming languages like Java, .NET, ASP, COM, PHP, Ruby, VB, Perl, ColdFusion, Python and C++.
Here are some key features of "ChartDirector":

Fast and Efficient:
· ChartDirector is specially designed to handle the demanding requirements of server side usage. It multi-threaded design handles multiple concurrent requests quickly and efficiently.

· ChartDirector's object oriented API allows you to control and customize chart details, providing you with tremendously flexibility to design the charts you want.
· ChartDirector even includes a general purpose graphics API, so you can add annotations, custom text, shapes and images to decorating your charts the chart in custom ways. It is possible to use ChartDirector as a general-purpose graphics library.

Comprehensive Chart Styles:
· Include pie, donut, bar, line, spline, step-line, trending, curve-fitting, inter-line coloring, area, scatter, bubble, floating box, box-whisker, waterfall, finance, gantt, vector, contour, heat map, surface, radar, polar line, polar area, polar spline, polar scatter, polar bubble, polar vector, rose, pyramid, cone and funnel.
· In additional, all chart styles support XY axis swapping. For example, bar charts can be horizontal or vertical, and the same applies to line charts, area charts, etc. Many chart styles also support 3D effects.

Meters and Gauges:
· Include angular meters of arbitrary angular span, and linear meters in horizontal and vertical orientations.

Complex Finance Charts:
· Special support for composing sophisticated financial charts - candlestick, OHLC, volume bars, moving averages, price bands, RSI, MACD, Stochastic, Momentum, Parabolic SAR, ROC, OBV, and numerous other technical indicators.

Layer Architecture:
· Enables new chart styles to be composed easily using chart layers as building blocks. For example, a line chart with error symbols can be composed easily using a line layer and a box-whisker layer. With alpha transparency support, bottom layers remain visible even if hidden by top layers.

· The innovative ChartDirector Mark Up Language (CDML) technology allows rich formatting of text with embedding icons and images. CDML is supported in all ChartDirector text positions, including chart titles, legend keys, axis labels, data labels, etc.

Advanced Color System:
· ChartDirector's extended coloring system supports not only solid RGB colors, but also semi-transparent ARGB colors, gradient colors, patterns colors (wallpapers), and colors that change at user-defined positions to represent zones and thresholds. All ChartDirector objects can be filled using these colors.

· ChartDirector generates customizable image maps for chart objects, so chart objects may have "tool tip" help message, become clickable (useful for "drill-down") and support various mouse events. ChartDirector also provides a framework to support scalable and extensible drag to select/zoom/scroll features.
· AJAX Chart Updates Charts can be updated without the web pages refreshing at all.

Browser Friendly:
· ChartDirector produces charts as PNG, JPEG, GIF and SVG, which are viewable in virtually all browsers, including those in mobile devices. Charts can be imported to email or word documents. Drag to select/zoom/scroll and AJAX features are implemented using Javascript. No Applets or ActiveX controls required.

Easy to use:
· Producing charts requires just a few lines of code. ChartDirector comes with comprehensive documentation and numerous sample programs that can be used as program templates.

· Unicode characters support. Configurable number and date/time formats.

Fahad Khan CHD

Fahad Khan CHD

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