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TopSales Basic 6.81

A complete CRM, sales and marketing software for professionals and businesses.

TopSales is a useful and powerful sales automation, contact management, document management and email message processor tool for sales and marketing people who are into internet marketing.

It enhances sales productivity by automating sales process with daily contact management functions, mailing lists and email autoresponder.

TopSales has been written specifically for the online marketers, home and small businesses to contact their customer, build relationship more efficiently and more effectively than in the past.

The power of this software is only limited by your imagination. Therefore, the examples we provide are only meant to assist in your understanding, and are not meant to limit your ideas.

Topsales allows you to:

Maintain a complete contact management and build a long lasting relationship with you customers. 

Increase your productivity and spend more time building your business instead of wasting time on administrative chores. 

Topsales allows co-workers to work and collaborate in more efficient and effective ways. It will improve sales team performance. Sales team can now focus on what they do best - selling.
Here are some key features of "TopSales Basic":

· Contact List

· Company List

· Member Group

· Mailing Lists

· Import Contacts

· Message List

· Broadcast email - SMTP

· eMail Log

· Favorites Web Sites

· Personal mailbox

· System Security Control

Fahad Khan CHD

Fahad Khan CHD

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