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Simple Shop

A professional computer program for invoicing via POS or A4 printers

Simple Shop is a powerful and reliable solution designed to issue invoices or tickets through A4 and POS printers and adoption of RFID cards. Simple Shop will provide both small and large companies with capabilities that meet the highest demands, as well as use of potentially redundant features.

It is able to manage the goods, costumers and credits. After entering the goods and costumers the user can make an (sell, buy, pay to, pay from) action and the application will automatically calculate the other fields.

Who is it for?

· Everyone - small and large, because of their capabilities meet the highest, while smaller companies do not compel the use of potentially redundant features:

· Hair Salon

· Beauty Salon

· Massage salon

· Dry-cleaning

· Physiotherapy, dentistry, bakery, butcher's shop, shoe making

· Other service activities

· Travel Agency

· Other Agency

· Installer-business (electrical installers, water, sanitary engineers)

· The organizers of events (tickets, vouchers)

Fahad Khan CHD

Fahad Khan CHD

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