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Obsidium 1.4.4 Build 29

An easy to implement software protection system mainly aimed at shareware programmers and small companies

The Obsidium software protection and licensing system will allow you to protect your program from unauthorized modifications (i.e. "cracking") and provides you with a reliable yet easy to implement licensing system. It is compatible with any 32-bit Windows OS.

It is mainly aimed at shareware programmers and companies who would like to provide evaluation versions of their applications but is not limited to that scenario.
Here are some key features of "Obsidium":

· encryption of application code and data

· compression of application code and data

· counter-measures against disassembling, debugging, dumping and memory patching

· protection API

· automation of license generation

· integrated licensing systems featuring up to 2048 bit public key cryptography

· registration via keyfiles or text keys

· blacklisting of stolen or compromised keys

· runtime en-/decryption

· encryption of license-specific code

· system-specific licenses

· password protection

· creation of time limited trial versions

· integrated customer and license database

· code virtualization

· transparent data file encryption

Fahad Khan CHD

Fahad Khan CHD

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