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Create, play and distribute your slideshows

A good slide show creator that offers photographers the possibility to export their slideshows as executable files with background music.

MySlideShow offers unique features for photographers who want to distribute their executable slide show files to end users.

MySlideShow has a convenient user interface. To create a slide show, just select a folder with pictures, add them to the Slide List, and click Play to run. The File and Slide Lists allow you to view your pictures and slides as thumbnails, which makes it easier to change their sequence or sort them. The Project List can contain a list of your frequently used slide show projects.

Creating computer slide shows is very easy with MySlideShow. This simple and straightforward software application offers its users a comprehensive toolkit for making bright, memorable and esthetically pleasing slide shows and photo albums.

The program is quite elementary - select pictures, indicate the desired sequence (or choose random order), apply special transition effects, and you get a professionally looking slide show with one button click. Conveniently, photo albums, thumbnail web galleries, screensavers, video CDs and DVDs can be created with the same program!

It is capable of packing slide shows into standalone executable and screensaver files (.exe and .scr respectively), thus making it very easy to distribute them. The Video Generator plug-in allows you to burn VCD, SVCD, DVD video discs and create VCD, SVCD, DVD, WMV and DivX video files from your slide show projects. These features are just a small fraction of what the software has to offer its buyers.

Fahad Khan CHD

Fahad Khan CHD

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