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Lunascape Beta 2

World's only triple rendering engine and add-on browser

Lunascape combines the best of Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer into a single browser. You can easily switch between engines on the fly for each tab. You can also view a page in 3 engines side-by-side for easy site comparison. 

Lunascape is compatible with vast array of Firefox add-ons in addition to IE and Lunascape add-ons, giving you more extensibility. Lunascape is also an extremely customizable web browser.

You can change the look, menu, command, what have you, in any way you want. It is recognized as one of the fastest on the market and makes your browser a lot more snappy. In conclusion, Lunascape will enable users to interact with the Web exactly the way they want to.

Fahad Khan CHD

Fahad Khan CHD

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