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GotoCamera (formerly HomeCamera) 6.2.3

Easy to use home monitoring system.

You can use GotoCamera with any CCTV or webcam. It can be accessed from any browser, from any PDA or mobile phone (no additional software required), worldwide. Use GotoCamera for surveillance, to monitor the kids, the baby, your pet, anything you like.

Motion detection features are included. The system also supports Auto-Record, which lets you set it up to take snapshots or videos all through the day and store them on the server for anytime anywhere access. 

Note: In order to use the program you need to sign up for free on the developers' homepage.


· Webcam or cctv camera installed

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

New Features:

· Added optional timestamp into recorded images and video clips.

· Improved the display of camera status.

· Improved video clip recording and video streaming for significantly better quality.

· Camera names may now be optionally hidden.

· Choose 640x480 as the default picture quality.

· Added link to Sign Up page in the Account Properties and Setup page.

· Balloon notifications implemented for updates.

Fahad Khan CHD

Fahad Khan CHD

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